Califia and the Trespassers


Quintan Ana Wikswo’s films are created in collaboration with composers and choreographers, and designed for stage projection during live performance, or as installations within exhibitions. Projected onto screens, scrims, and public spaces, the films become an interactive presence with dancers, musicians, and actors, as well as audiences and visitors. Whenever possible, the films are projected to scale, so that humans take on a proportional size within the ecologies and architectures of the filmscape.

Wikswo creates her original films through a visual vocabulary drawn from many different cameras – a combination of salvaged 120mm and 35mm still cameras and hand animations, 35mm motion picture cameras, and digital cameras using salvaged vintage lenses.

CALIFIA AND THE TRESPASSERS is a collaboration between artist Quintan Ana Wikswo (Concept, Text, Film), composer Andrea Clearfield (electronics), and choreographer Manfred Fischbeck (dance).

Performance Premiere at the Pew Foundation/Christchurch (Philadelphia, 2013).

Body of Work:

Mercy Killing Aktion