performed on October 22, 2017 at Radical Abicus in Santa Fe
Text, Voice, Performance Script, Choreography: Quintan Ana Wikswo
Music: Arthur Kell

Quintan Ana Wikswo’s performance script for NONAGON FOR THE DEAD WHO ARE RISING (from OUT HERE DEATH IS NO BIG DEAL) is an improvised prose poem in nine parts – with music by Arthur Kell. A spiral of abstract conceptual compositions surrounding colonialism, genocide, and resistance, the Black Panthers, the Black Snake Dakota Access Pipeline, Nazi anthropologists, femicide, protection, connection, intersection, anger, Nambe Pueblo peyote, the dead who are living, the living who are dead, and the strings that weave us all together.

A nonagon is a nine-sided polygon. NONAGON FOR THE DEAD WHO ARE RISING is dedicated to all our ancestors, relations, and connections, our friends and enemies, our allies and adversaries who present us with opportunities to question and resist the loss of agency in our lives, psyches, minds, and bodies, and evolve and transform into beings of blessing and liberation. May we all find healing and inspiring connections for change even amidst the most challenging people and situations.