Project Description

A series of flashbacks and hallucinations between a young fighter pilot crashlanding above the Aleutian Island, and himself as a young child in Canada, struggling with fever. WATERLAND is a performance collaboration between composer Veronika Krausas, poet Andre Alexis, and artist Quintan Ana Wikswo. Narrated by John Payne with soprano Kira Dills-DeSurra. Available on DVD by Catalysis Projects.

Artist Statement

My first film project, WATERLAND was an opportunity to have a discussion with a poet through moving image instead of word. As Alexis created a version of himself as a feverish young boy hallucinating in Canada, I created a version of myself who I would have hallucinated in my youth: a dying airplane pilot. I was interested in this dialogue between past and future selves, real and imagined selves, and dialogue between artists’ creative selves.




video installation for live performance
12 minutes 34 seconds

Catalysis Projects

video: Quintan Ana Wikswo QuintanWikswo.com
music: Veronika Krausas VeronikaKrausas.com
text: Andre Alexis
voice: John Payne
soprano: Kira Dills-DeSurra
sound design: Aron Kallay aronkallay.com
post-production: Studio Grushky studiogrushky.com


Musee des Moulages de l’Universite de Lyon

Lyon, France


National Sun Yat-sen University
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Livewire Festival
University of Maryland at Baltimore
California State University, Fullerton
Montana State University, Bozeman
Art Without Borders
Democracy Center of Cambridge
PIE: People Inside Electronics
Boston Court, Pasadena California